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by | Nov 12, 2023 | gut health and digestion

Do you know for sure which foods to eat? If you want a healthy eating plan, find out about my free body reset plan. I will explain why I chose these particular foods in this article.

After all, it can be difficult to know which foods are good for us and which are not. What with personal opinions on social media and startling articles in the news, who is right?

One day eggs are good for us; the next day, eggs are bad, raising our cholesterol and setting us up for heart disease. Or, eating fish two or three times a week is good, but the next day we are told if we eat fish, we risk mercury toxicity. And for a long time, we were told that vegetable oils were healthy, and then we discovered that we should have been eating butter all along!

How can we cut through this nonsense?

The ancestral diet

One way to think about healthy food choices is to consider which foods our ancestors ate. When researchers study what hunter-gatherers ate, we can get a good insight into what might be healthy for us. After all, the ancestral diet contains foods our body evolved to eat.

Researchers found that around the world, hunter-gatherer diets varied considerably. Yet hunter-gatherers eating their traditional diets did not suffer from the degenerative conditions that are common today.

Their average life expectancy was not what we might enjoy today. But as a hunter-gatherer, if you survived hunting accidents, childbirth and warfare, you certainly could expect a healthy old age. In fact, this is still the case in the few hunter-gatherer populations that exist today. So long as they still follow their traditional diet and lifestyle.

An omnivorous diet

It makes sense to me that with evolution, each species has adapted to eat a diet that is optimum for them. Some animals eat grass and thrive on it. Others may eat only meat. While humans can do well on a wide variety of foods. During our evolution we moved from eating only plants to adding in fish, insects and other animals. Perhaps we can survive eating only plant-based foods. It is also possible to eat only meat and fish. But maybe, as I believe, we do better eating an omnivorous diet.

The ability to adapt to environments and circumstances meant our ancestors developed a wide range of traditional diets. From the traditional high-fat Inuit diets of mostly fish or seal. To the diets of the Kitavan islanders who eat mostly carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes.
These traditional hunter-gatherer diets are all very different. Yet, hunter-gatherers were lean and healthy. And all this without the benefits of modern medicine.

So, why is it that in the modernised world, we have rising rates of obesity, heart disease and cancer? I believe one factor is the number of processed foods we collectively eat. We only have to walk down the aisles of the local supermarket to find an overwhelming amount of packaged and processed foods.

Eat real food on your healthy eating plan

Real food doesn’t come from a box or a bag. Real food is something that our distant ancestors would also recognise.

When we don’t eat the foods that our bodies need, we can become depleted in essential nutrients and slowly decline. But worse, if we replace real food with processed and factory-produced foods such as refined flour, sugar and industrially produced cooking oils, our bodies become inflamed and diseased. And over time, our bodies succumb to those modern diseases. The degenerative diseases that rob us of our ability to live a relatively active old age.

Modern processed foods also change the balance of bacteria in our bodies. They lack the fermentable fibres or prebiotics that our good bacteria need to thrive. And this can predispose to bacterial dysbiosis, an imbalance of the species of gut bacteria. For optimum health, we need to support good gut health.

When we eat real food, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs, nuts or seeds, we supply our body with the foods that it inherently recognises. The nutrients that our bodies need.  And that our bodies can utilise to maintain, fuel and sustain us. In effect, we hit the reset button for our body. When we eat the foods we are adapted to eat, we are following a template laid down for thousands of generations. This is healthy eating from an ancestral perspective.

My body reset diet plan

Find out which foods to eat on a healthy eating plan. Learn which foods promote your optimum health. As well as, the foods to avoid completely.

Download my free Body Reset Diet plan.

By following these guidelines, you will be providing your body with fresh, nutrient-dense healthy foods. By eating this healthy eating plan, you will reset your body and achieve your optimum health and vitality.


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