Nikki Hawkes
Medical Herbalist

nikki hawkes medical herbalist

I provide a holistic approach to health for people suffering with chronic health conditions, helping them move from feeling hopeless, frustrated and fearful of ever worsening health, to a place where they feel confident and empowered using natural solutions for noticeable improvements, that build vitality and resiliency.

Chronic health issues require a thoughtful and individualised approach. I’m committed to hearing your unique story, empathising with your struggles, and developing a plan that resonates with your situation. You’re not alone in this journey; I’ll support you every step of the way.

Herbal medicine is suitable for everyone  and for almost any condition for which you might see your doctor. I especially see many people who struggle with digestive problems. If you’re dealing with ongoing digestive issues and feeling like it’s controlling your life, you’re not alone. I know that the stress and dietary restrictions have likely made you anxious and longing for a lasting solution. My holistic approach aims to not only alleviate your symptoms but to address the root causes, restoring your well-being from the inside out. Let’s work together to bring your life back to normal—reach out to see how.


Consultations and Wellness Plans


Start with a quick ‘Hello Call’ to chat about how I can help you. If it sounds like what you’re looking for, you’ll fill out an intake form, and we’ll delve deeper in our first consultation. We’ll talk about your medical history, what’s bothering you now, and dig into what could be causing your health issues. Together, we’ll create a plan that may include dietary changes, lifestyle, supplements or herbal remedies to get you feeling your best. Follow-up consultations can be as frequent or spaced out as you need to keep you on track. 

Wellness Programs

Transform your health in just 12 weeks. After an initial intake, we’ll meet weekly for focused coaching sessions, blending nutritional and lifestyle wisdom with actionable steps. Your program comes packed with recipes, health hacks, and resources. Pay upfront or in installments—your choice. Let’s make your wellness goals a reality.

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Nikki Hawkes Logo

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