Hi, I’m Nikki Hawkes

Medical Herbalist, MNIMH, MCPP

My journey towards understanding the power of the natural world started as a young girl in Yorkshire. There, the woods and rivers were my playground, and encyclopedias, particularly the sections on science and nature, were my storybooks. My childhood was truly blessed, surrounded by dozens of animals, from dogs and cats, to chickens, a goat and even a donkey. We grew our own food and some herbs. And I spent countless hours climbing trees, fishing, picking wild raspberries and looking for four-leafed clovers. However, after leaving school I started working in a lab, a far cry from my outdoors life. I specialised in dyeing and bleaching wool, whilst studying for a chemistry degree.

It wasn’t until I relocated to the countryside and began gardening that I rediscovered my love for plants and the natural world. A pivotal gift—a book on medicinal herbs—brought together my love of the natural world and a deep insight into the unique and powerful chemical compounds that plants can produce. After my years of studying chemistry I realised that medicinal plants make compounds so intricate and complex that even a lab can’t easily replicate them. And, that the knowledge of how to use these gentle yet powerful medicines is slowly being lost.

Fuelled by this epiphany, I immersed myself in herbal medicine studies for five years, earning an honours degree and set up in practice. But when it comes to holistic health I knew the power of herbs was just one part of a much larger puzzle. This understanding led me to expand my focus into other specialities such as nutritional medicine, acupuncture, and functional medicine. Each offering another facet to my practice. For over two decades, I’ve been putting this diverse knowledge to work to help people find natural solutions to health problems.

My approach to healthcare is both scientific and holistic. Because herbal medicines and nutrition tend to work over a longer time frame than conventional medicines it is often the case that people visit a herbalist for longer term problems. And for the most part I help individuals struggling with chronic health conditions to manage or reverse their health naturally, with foods and herbal remedies and other supplements. This gentle and nurturing approach offers more than just treating symptoms because it nourishes and provides the body with what it needs to heal itself. This is especially true when it comes to the gut and the gut microbiome. I don’t always start by improving gut health but often I do, and this reflects the importance of the microbiome as a pillar of true well-being.

As someone deeply committed to lifelong learning, I continually update my methods to align with the most recent research. I serve as a resilient and compassionate guide, steering you away from temporary fixes and towards a lasting state of health and resilience.

What People Say
I cannot recommend Nikki's services enough when she has patiently guided me through the minefield of trying to deal with a serious autoimmunity/thyroid disorder.
Julie Craig

Nikki has helped me optimise my diet to remove the cause of my symptoms and avoid long term medication.
NH - Stamford

I couldn't recommend Nikki highly enough she is a very supportive, professional and experienced herbalist who will tailor make a plan to support your recovery and be by your side the entire way.
LM - Stamford

a basket of calendula flowers collected by a herbalist

You can find out more about my training and continuing professional development here:
See My Training as as Medical Herbalist

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