Nikki is an experienced medical herbalist offering personalised herbal prescriptions and nutritional medicine using a functional medicine approach.

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Hi, I'm Nikki Hawkes. I am a qualified medical herbalist and registered acupuncturist. In addition, I have further training in nutritional medicine, functional medicine, advanced diagnostics and personalised treatment. See my practitioner credentials here .

In practice, I usually use a combination of these therapies. Providing a holistic and restorative form of herbal medicine that can help to address many of the problems of chronic illness. Following a consultation, I personalise a treatment protocol for you and your individual needs. For your convenience, I offer online appointments, or in person at my herbal clinic near Oakham.

Herbal medicines improve health and vitality and so are helpful for any health condition. Patients often consult me for natural solutions for chronic digestive issues. In particular, I help people with irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, bloating and food intolerance. But, there are many other health conditions with an association with gut health.

For instance, improving gut health can help other problems such as fibromyalgia, migraine, skin conditions, fatigue and arthritis.

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What my patients are looking for

My patients tell me that they want to find natural ways to improve their health. Many of them say they would prefer to avoid the need for pharmaceutical medications if possible. In many cases they say that their medications don't cure their health problems, they only mask their symptoms. Sometimes they are looking for alternatives to free them from the side effects of their medication.

My patients realise that their chronic ill health is likely related to underlying factors. So, their health will never improve until the underlying factors are identified and resolved. I work with them to identify these underlying issues and manage or resolve their chronic condition.

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If you have long-standing health problems and you want to know how I can help. If you are looking for ways to improve your health and wellbeing. Or you want to avoid the need for certain medications for the rest of your life. I am happy to offer the information you need to make your choices. Please contact me to discuss how herbal medicine can help.

Health assessment

Using the principles of functional medicine I use a comprehensive health assessment. This includes a physical examination when appropriate. I can also offer lab testing (blood, saliva, breath, stool or urine) to identify the root cause of your health imbalance. Based on this assessment I might suggest a combination of individually prescribed herbal medicine, botanical or nutritional supplements. As well as therapeutic diets, nutrition, lifestyle changes or detoxification programs. In addition, I might suggest stress management techniques or acupuncture to address underlying issues.

Together we form a treatment plan to bring you back to health. I design herbal treatment plans that restore proper function and vitality, address symptoms and prevent or reverse disease. I base my methods and recommendations on the latest research evidence.

Though I am both a medical herbalist and acupuncturist I offer these appointments separately. If you are interested in working with me to recover your health and would like more information, please send me a message using the contact form.

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