Equipment for making herbal remedies

mason jars can be used in medicine making

Whether you are a professional medical herbalist or just want to make your own herbal remedies at home, you can save time and money by being well equipped. These are the items I use for making herbal medicines.

What tools do you need to make tinctures?

Tinctures are one of the most popular herbal medicinal products. So, this first section includes the must-have tools and equipment for making herbal tinctures.

Stainless steel wine press

Very useful for pressing out herbal tincture, glycerites and oil. You will be able to collect a much higher volume of your precious herbal remedy by using this type of press.

Nylon straining bag

To make a tincture and other products, you will need to strain your medicinal herb. These bags are reusable and last a long time. I have several of these straining bags. They are indispensable.

Organic cotton straining bag

Cheesecloth is traditional for straining homemade preparations. These cheesecloth bags are high quality and organic. They will quickly become stained with the herbal mixture. Over time you will end up with a collection of different coloured bags depending on which medicinal plant you use to make your tinctures.

Amber glass mason jars

Dark glass jars are the best way to store your dried herbherb powders and favourite tea blend. Use for storage or for macerating herbal medicine, herb-infused oil and any other preparation. These amber mason jars are just perfect.

Canning jar funnel

This funnel set is the ideal size for using with standard and wide mouth mason jars. It makes pouring your creations into your chosen glass jar a much easier job.

In my herbal medicine making course I use and demonstrate all of these pieces of equipment and more.

If you are new to making your own remedies, my course is easy to follow. I show you how on close-up video and provide step-by-step instructions so that you can make your natural remedy creations time and again.

If you are more experienced at medicine making, I have included more advanced techniques to expand your skills. Plus, I have included harvesting guides, herb safety guidelines and a beginner materia medica in the form of featured herbs for each module. Download these PDFs for easy reference.

If you are interested in herbalism and using healing herbs for medicine making my course is for you. Learn how to make a wide range of herbal medicine. From a simple herbal infusion or delicious herbal vinegar to complex formulations such as a cream, an oxymel, and a broad spectrum extract.

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