Online Herbal Medicine Course

herbal medicine making course

Learn how to make the best quality herbal medicines at home

with step-by-step videos and helpful handouts with recipes

Twenty years ago, as a fledgling herbalist I started learning how to make my own herbal remedies. I knew the medicinal plants around me had wonderful healing properties and I wanted to learn how to make  safe and effective quality preparations in my own kitchen. Now, my shelves are stocked with the best quality tinctures, syrups, glycerites, balms and more.

In this course, I will show you how to create these remedies and many more with step-by-step instructions and over my shoulder videos so you can see exactly how to re-create my preparations, or design your own.

Making these remedies is not difficult and you don’t need any fancy equipment. You probably have all you need in your kitchen already.

Watch an overview of the course in the video below.

Herbal remedies can be expensive to buy, but making them yourself is easy. Fill your first aid cabinet with your own remedies for yourself and your family. Here I pass on my expertise so that you can learn the easy way. Let me show you how!

Main Features of the Course

Step-by-step instructions

Download the step-by-step instructions that make medicine making easy

Private Facebook group

Join the private Facebook group for this course to share recipes and tips with other medicine makers


Fun quizzes to help you learn the important features of medicine making

Features over 30 herbs

The course includes information on dozens of herbs, and features thirty, so that you know what herbal preparations to make from the herbs to create the most effective remedies

How-to videos

Hours of how-to videos that show how to make the best quality herbal medicines in your own kitchen with the equipment you already have

Learn to make

Herbal preparations on this course include tinctures, glycerites, medicated vinegars, oxymels, herbal honeys and syrups, lozenges and electuaries, infusions and decoctions, powders and capsules, medicated oils, balms and ointments, simple herbal cream and more


Informative guides to download

Available to start now

Learn at your own pace with five year access to on demand videos

Learn how to make your own herbal remedies from an experienced medical herbalist

Herbal Medicine Making Course


Once you click the button above you will be taken to the secure checkout. After you register and pay for the course you will be sent an email receipt. Your login information will be sent to the email you provide during registration.
You will have immediate access to the members’ area dashboard and to the first three modules of the course. You can also join the private Facebook group related to the course.
Access to the next three modules will become available the following week. And the final modules will be accessible one week after that.

“Your course is brilliant, videos really excellent that you yourself are demonstrating them, music nice and low, and you so clear, and using herbs so near to hand for people. Well done.”

Sakthi Mayi

Any Questions?

Though this course is intended to show you how to make herbal remedies for yourself and your family, some of these preparations make excellent gifts.

I will be showing you some advanced techniques so that you can improve your skills as a medicine maker.

Using these techniques you could even turn a hobby into a small business with the approval of your local authority.

I have included lots of handouts and step-by-step instructions, so that when you are confident making these preparations you can turn your own ideas into your very own creations.

Gain confidence by watching the videos and seeing the remedies made up close. You can do this!

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