Women’s Functional and Integrative Medicine

Uniquely this is a women-only course. For women practitioners interested in learning about lasting solutions for the chronic problems that women may encounter, whether that may be fatigue, overweight, depression, an autoimmune condition, diabetes, PCOS, infertility, or one of the many other problems that women face. The Women’s Functional and Integrative Medicine course is the only comprehensive online course that specialises in women’s health and helping women thrive.


It focusses on the integration of traditional women’s wisdom with the latest critically reviewed scientific evidence and is aimed at the prevention and treatment of the most common health concerns experienced by women.

Taking a root cause approach and always considering a whole-woman approach of the mind, body and spirit, this course is about helping women take back their hope, their health and their lives and welcomes women practitioners that are interested in creating a women’s health revolution.

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