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I am very grateful and humbled by the kindness of my patients in allowing me to present some of the testimonials I have received during my work as a medical herbalist, naturopath and acupuncturist.


I came to Nikki with a few health issues that i needed help with. Nikki left no stone unturned to get to the root of my issues, and explained things thoroughly. We decided to prioritise and deal with HPV virus first. Nikki was very confident that the plan would work… and it did! I am now HPV negative. Whenever i have questions she is very supportive, knowledgeable, and responds quickly. I will always come back to Nikki with any health issues i may have. 
Kim, Bourne


I cannot recommend Nikk’s services enough when she has patiently guided me through the minefield of trying to deal with a serious autoimmunity/thyroid disorder.  My GP simply didn’t want to know and for a long time I was struggling and at a complete loss to know who to turn to for guidance and emotional support.  Nikki was the one for me definitely.  Her sympathetic, calm and understanding approach truly felt like she was ‘holding my hand’ even though we could only meet via Zoom calls at the time.  All of Nikki’s advice from her wealth of knowledge and experience was invaluable to me and I have turned a huge corner in controlling the symptoms and understanding the health issues that I have to deal with.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Nikki to any of my friends or to anyone out there who wants to try a more ‘natural’ approach to healing themselves than the drugs prescribed by disinterested GPs.
Julie Craig

Having struggled with chronic heartburn for many years, I knew something in my diet needed to change but could not work it out for myself.  After a comprehensive intake process and initial consultation Nikki suggested a low FODMAP diet, which I had previously avoided because it seemed too difficult.  With her support including meal plans and recipe recommendations I adopted the diet and noticed an immediate difference.  A follow up call supported me both with refining the diet and suggesting appropriate supplements to restore my digestive function.  Nikki has helped me optimise my diet to remove the cause of my symptoms and avoid long term medication.  Thank you.
NH – Stamford
Great service, in a lovely relaxed setting.  I had a couple of acupunture appointments for digestive issues, it worked wonders! I was given a fantastic advice which I follow religiously.  I believed the acupunture relieved some of my anxiety as well.  I have recommended acupunture to all of my family and friends. Thank you Nikki for all you help 

C Fletcher – Oakham

After an extremely stressful period of my life, different acid suppressant drugs from the doctor and antibiotics my tummy was in a terrible state. I had no joy from using pharmaceutical drugs to help get better and my body was saying enough was enough, I was very down about it and it was affecting my life, that’s when I started to look into alternative support and found Nikki. Nikki has been excellent and has supported in every possible way, she has suggested a number of different herbs that have been very helpful in my recovery. Nikki has reassured me at times of worry about my health and guided me in the right direction to restore my health. It was very reassuring having a check in with Nikki over video call and she allows you to explain every symptom that you have and then gives you suggestions to order particular herbs to help, Nikki spends the time explaining how they will help and has educated me alot on managing symptoms with natural remedies. There were times when I felt worry from certain symptoms and Nikki was only ever an email away to provide a reassuring ear and offer any advice that would help.
Having tried pharmaceutical drugs to fix myself, I believe that herbal medicine is what you body responds best to, it is a much more gentle approach and so it does take time but it is definitely worth it! I had no hope and was at my wits end when I contacted Nikki I had visited doctors, consultants, acupuncturist, homeopath, but Nikki was the only one able to help me. I still have contact with Nikki as I am not a 100% but she has taken me from being 2% of myself to 95% I have been able to get my life back, maintain a healthy weight and be happy again. I couldn’t recommend Nikki highly enough she is a very supportive, professional and experienced herbalist who will tailor make a plan to support your recovery and be by your side the entire way.
L.M – Stamford, Lincolnshire


I have seen Nikki several times for acupuncture over the last few years. These visits were for various reasons, including grief after the death of my husband and physical problems such as back pain. On the first consultation she spent a good deal of time getting to know me as a person, so that she could treat me holistically, after which I felt she understood me very well and uncovered issues that I hadn’t thought of before. The acupuncture really worked for me, and had a very strong effect on the issues I was having. Each time I felt much better afterwards. Nikki also provides tonics and vitamins to treat some of these issues, and I found these were also reasonably priced and beneficial. I took my daughter to see her for some of the problems she was having, and Nikki helped her too. I now live in a different part of the UK, otherwise I would still be going to see Nikki. But if I did encounter physical or emotional issues that I couldn’t deal with in my local area, I would still be likely to travel back to see her for treatment.
Carol Bolton

I went to Nikki Hawkes after my daughter had suffered with water warts for 6 years. Doctors told me there was nothing I could do and that they would run their course.  They only got worse and spread over the body and became inflamed and irritating, especially the older she got.  She also became very conscious as they spread to her lower arms and legs.  Nikki spent a great deal of time asking questions about my daughter and finding out about her general health and well being then provided us with a medicine and ointment that was applied directly to the warts.  Within 3 weeks they were gone! Amazing! The doctor who laughed me out of the surgery was a skin specialist and very sceptical when I told him.  I am glad that I followed my gut instinct and the faith I had in Nikki.

Thank you Nikki, amazing work, I will definitely use you again when in need…if ever in need. My little girl is so happy now and it is thanks to you.


“All in all – major progress in a fairly short space of time and all credited to your wonderful help and advice! Thank you so much – couldn’t have done it without you and I’m truly appreciative of all your support, understanding and guidance at what has been, a very trying and emotional time for me.”
J.C. – Bourne

How I help my patients as a medical herbalist

I offer short telephone or online chats to discuss your health concerns without obligation.

After the initial chat, if you wish to become my patient, I ask you to complete a detailed intake form. The form includes details such as your medical history. I will need to know about any current or previous medical conditions. I also ask what prescription drugs and/or dietary supplements or herbal medicine you take. In addition, it can be helpful to know if you follow any special diet and the types of foods you like to eat.

It is preferable that the forms are returned prior to the first appointment. This gives me time to review all the information, leaving us with more time at the consultation to discuss your health goals and create your health plan.

I am finding that many people appreciate the opportunity to have an online consultation. However, this of course means that clinical examination techniques are difficult if not impossible. This can influence the choice of herbs and the types of herbal treatment I can offer.

Nevertheless, we can still work within the recommended clinical guidelines and I can still suggest appropriate plant medicines or herbal supplements.

As a herbal practitioner, I have a holistic approach to treatment and improving your health. As well as a detailed understanding of herbs and their active ingredients. I use my knowledge of plant remedies to create a bespoke herbal prescription for you. This will usually be a blend of different extracts of herbs.

People with complex health issues or chronic conditions may need several follow-up appointments. You should expect to have 3-4 consultations over a period of months. Although people with chronic diseases or difficult conditions may require ongoing care.

A detailed consultation is best in person or over zoom or other online technology. But, if questions arise between consultations that are not easily answered by a quick email, I also offer a mini appointment which can be useful for a quick chat over the phone or online.

Any herbal prescription I recommend will take into account any current medication you take. Some herbs and conventional medication interact and can cause adverse reactions. As a medical herbalist with degree-level education, I have specific training to avoid adverse drug reactions.

Any herbal product or plant extract I recommend will be made to the highest quality standards. However, all herbal medicine of course contains plant materials and so in rare cases, it is possible that consumption of herbal remedies can cause allergic reactions. Having known allergies to certain plants makes this more likely. If any reaction does occur while taking extracts of plants, it is important to get in touch with your herbalist or see a doctor as soon as possible.


If you would like more information please click the send me a message button to use my contact form and get in touch.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and explaining how the healing properties of medicinal plants can optimise your health.

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