The Smooth & Soothe Program

Smooth and Soothe Program for Acne

Do you want to clear your skin of acne?

Everyone knows someone with acne, but most people have little idea about what causes the spots, and how to solve the problem most effectively.

This Smooth and Soothe program is simple, clear and easy to follow. Based on the latest scientific evidence this program gets to the root of the problem and helps get rid of acne fast.

This program will show you exactly what you need to do to reduce your acne and improve your skin.

This nutrition program is provided in four modules of practical science-based recommendations

If you have acne this program was created for you. I have included lots of handouts and recipes which will help you achieve clearer skin with a natural approach, in a matter of weeks, based on the latest scientific evidence

The latest research confirms what we have really always known, that what you eat is really important when it comes to improving skin health and getting rid of acne.

This program includes four 7-day meal plans, created with the specific macronutrient ratio recommended by acne researchers to reduce acne fast.

I’ve also put together a comprehensive package of resources that will help you to understand why some foods should be avoided and why others should form the basis of what to eat for smooth, clear skin. You will also learn why stress can trigger acne flare-ups and what to do about it.

Oh, and if you have ever wanted to know which supplements help to reduce acne and which natural topical treatments have scientific evidence to back them up, I have included that too.

This program includes everything you need to know about nutrition, lifestyle, and skincare for acne.

Get the skin you want without any of the harsh chemicals, for the amazing introductory price of just £49.

What this nutritional program features

Four 7-day meal plans

28 days of acne-reducing breakfasts, lunches and dinners, with shopping lists and recipes

Guidebooks and video presentations

Guidebooks and videos to explain which natural supplements are effective for acne.

Even more resources

More resources to help you achieve your goal of clearer skin from symptoms tracker to over 100 extra recipes, including vegan.

What you will get

Four 7-day meal plans with recipes and shopping lists, created with the correct macronutrient ratio researchers recommend for reducing acne.

Four videos and guidebooks that work alongside these meal plans, providing up-to-date information on diet, nutritional supplements, natural topical treatments and lifestyle recommendations and acne.

Downloadable informative handouts from symptom trackers to extra recipes and stress management techniques.

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