Twenty years ago I was just like you - not knowing how to best use the herbs around me. Here I pass on my expertise so that you can learn the easy way.

Take a look over my shoulder as I make a multitude of wonderful herbal remedies from safe and natural ingredients. See the video below where I show you how to make a gorgeous raspberry vinegar and then turn it into an oxymel.

When you make your own remedies, you control what goes in them. Making good medicines means starting with the best quality ingredients you can find. Then you can make the best quality herbal medicines available, in your own home, without fancy equipment. You probably have all you need in your kitchen already.

Herbal remedies can be expensive to buy, but making them yourself is easy. Let me show you how!


Frequently Asked Questions

Though this course is intended to show you how to make herbal remedies for yourself and your family, some of these preparations make excellent gifts. 

I will be showing you some advanced techniques so that you can improve your skills as a medicine maker.


Using these techniques you could even turn a hobby into a small business with the approval of your local authority.

I have included lots of handouts and step-by-step instructions, so that when you are confident making these preparations you can turn your own ideas into your very own creations.

Gain confidence by watching the videos and seeing the remedies made up close. You can do this!

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