Herbal Medicine Making Overview

video overview of my online herbal medicine course

Welcome to this overview of my online herbal medicine course.

This is an online course, in which I show you how to make high quality herbal remedies at home.

Of course, you can buy natural plant-based preparations in your local health food store. But you will never find better quality remedies than those that you make for yourself.

As a medical herbalist, I have made herbal medicines for over twenty years. And I will show you how to do the same.

In my course, I show you how to make a variety of healing remedies, step by step. I demonstrate how to make herbal powders, capsules, infusions, vinegars, alcohol tinctures, herbal glycerites, herb honeys, syrups, balms and ointments, as well as luscious creams and many more medicinal preparations.

I show you both simple and expert ways to make your remedies. So that as you become familiar with the techniques, you will have the confidence to move forward.

Some of the preparations build on previous modules so that you will learn to make the more complex preparations such as creams, oxymels and broad-spectrum extractions later in the course.

Above all, I have made it very easy to follow. With close-up videos every step of the way. Just as if I was there to guide you.

Everything is also supported by my step-by-step informative handouts, with recipes. So that you can make these preparations with the same great results, time after time.

If you want to grow your own herbs I have also included harvesting guides, so that you know when to pick the herbs for your preparations. There are herb-of-the-month guides, safety guidelines, plus information and ideas on how to prepare, store and use dozens of herbs safely and effectively.

I have also provided information on the type of equipment you might want to use.
And the good news is that you most likely already have all the equipment you need to prepare these amazing healing products.

Get started today and soon you can have a natural medicine cabinet full of your own healing creations.

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