Modern herbal medicine

Herbal medicine uses various plants, flowers, seeds, roots and other plant materials to treat bodily ills. Because of their effectiveness and availability, people have probably always used herbs for medicinal purposes.

From the use of plants to treat digestive issues to using healing balms to soothe the skin, people have been relying on nature's resources to heal themselves for centuries. While written records go back for thousands of years.

What's more, herbal medicine is still practised worldwide today and in some areas is the only medicine available.

Herbal research

Modern research is increasingly available to support the use of traditional herbal remedies. And not just as a complementary therapy. In some cases, herbal medicines are just as effective or sometimes more effective than prescription medicines.

Understandably, with antibiotic resistance increasing, scientists are becoming ever more interested in the plants that grow around us.

On this page, you will find links to articles about common herbs that are in use today. Plus, most of my articles reference available research to see for yourself how herbs can be used effectively in your daily life.

Who can use herbal remedies

A small number of people may not be able to use herbal medicine because they are allergic to certain plants. However, most people can benefit from these natural treatments without any adverse effects.

In recent years, herbal medicine has become more and more popular for treating a wide range of illnesses. Now, many people are turning to these natural remedies when they want to avoid the side effects of prescription medication.

Find out more about herbs here and see how you can improve your health with herbal medicines.