do you have heartburn or indigestion

Heartburn or Indigestion? This guide explains all

December 24, 2021

Do you know the difference between heartburn and indigestion? What about acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease? This article should help make things more transparent if you’re not sure. All […]

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herbal remedies to soothe heartburn

4 ways to relieve acid reflux naturally

December 16, 2021

Acid reflux is a digestive disorder in which your oesophagus becomes inflamed due to stomach acid coming up into your throat. This causes heartburn, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, regurgitation and […]

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white dead-nettle is an example of what is a medicinal plant

What is a medicinal plant?

September 1, 2021

A medicinal plant is a plant that contains substances that have a therapeutic value. These medicinal compounds or therapeutic constituents are bioactive compounds that can improve health or general wellbeing. […]

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herbalism and holistic health

What is holistic health?

June 22, 2021

Holistic Health focuses on the entire person. Rather than treating one aspect of the body, it looks at how each area affects the others. For example, health conditions don’t affect […]

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watermelon aids hydration

Natural remedies for sunburn

June 2, 2021

Finally, we have some sunshine and isn’t it lovely! Except that the sudden gorgeous sunshine, means inevitably people are likely to get sunburned skin. If you have had too much […]

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Why your gut health is more important than you think

May 6, 2021

Gut health is more important than most people realise. The good news is that you can improve gut health. Your gut contains hundreds of species of bacteria, many of which […]

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acne can occur on the face, neck and back

The Gut-Skin Connection: How The Gut Microbiome Affects Acne

April 25, 2021

Acne affects most people at some time in their lives, causing a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. With an almost desperate need to get clearer skin, it is common […]

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herbal medicine can help reduce SIBO

SIBO: it’s important to find the possible causes

September 3, 2020

I see a lot of information about SIBO on websites and social media, especially in relation to giving advice on how to cope with the symptoms. Symptoms Common symptoms of […]

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how herbal medicines work

How herbal medicines work from a modern perspective

August 22, 2020

As a herbalist, part of my work involves the need to keep up with current research. Actually, as a bit of a science geek, it is a part I really […]

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the best natural anti inflammatory spices

Which are the best natural anti inflammatory herbs and spices?

January 29, 2020

Did you know that inflammation is an underlying factor in all diseases? It is. From allergies to heart disease and the autoimmune diseases rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease, inflammation […]

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what is flaxseed good for?

What is flaxseed good for?

January 13, 2020

This small, nutritious seed is full of good fats and fibre. But do you know what flaxseed is good for in terms of your health? Share

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image representing spreading of migraine headache

Migraine and nausea

December 16, 2019

Migraine headaches are very common and affect around 14% of people. With recurrent, moderate to severe headaches that last between 4 to 72 hours each time this health problem can […]

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herbal medicine vs homeopathy

Herbal medicine vs homeopathy – what’s the difference?

December 9, 2019

Herbal medicine and homeopathy have similarities but they are not the same. They differ in both the remedy itself and also in how we choose the remedy. Let me explain… […]

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take control of your menopause with acupuncture

Take control of your menopause with acupuncture

December 8, 2019

If you struggle with symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes you are not alone. Changes in hormone levels can make you feel like you’re going crazy. Most women have at least […]

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turmeric powder a herbal medicine

Herbal medicine in cancer care

November 14, 2019

Sky News is reporting today on the use of herbal remedies by breast cancer patients. The article includes comments made by a breast cancer surgeon suggesting that using herbal remedies […]

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rosehips herbal medicine

Rosehips improve osteoarthritis symptoms

October 21, 2019

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder in the world. It causes destruction of the cartilage and other parts of the joints, mainly in the hands, knees, hips or the […]

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some examples of unhealthy foods

Why I have a food first approach to optimum health

August 17, 2019

People that know me well know that good food is essential to me. I even chose my daughters’ school based on the food they offered. It is the same with […]

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gut health and joint pain linked

The role of ageing in gut health and osteoarthritis

June 9, 2019

We do know that it is a chronic inflammatory disease. All conditions ending -itis are inflammatory. But it does not bear all the usual signs of inflammation. These are redness, […]

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Mushrooms on white background

Can eating mushrooms reduce dementia risk and save your brain?

May 25, 2019

The number of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is expected to rise at an alarming rate. Currently, the World Health Organisation (WHO) believes there are 50 million people around […]

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antibiotics cause heart problems use natural remedies if possible

Antibiotics and heart health

May 15, 2019

A recent study in the European Heart Journal makes a significant link between antibiotic treatment and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. And this is not the first research to […]

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loss of sense of smell might indicate early cognitive decline

Sniffing out Alzheimer’s disease

April 30, 2019

Scientists have discovered that one of the earliest symptoms related to the development of Alzheimer’s disease is a problem with the sense of smell. The number of people with Alzheimer’s […]

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autoimmune disease can affect many organs including the thyroid

Can we cure autoimmune disease?

April 15, 2019

Our immune system is meant to protect us from disease. But it can also damage our own cells and tissues. This is what happens in autoimmune disease. But why would […]

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A beautiful garden

Can gardening reverse cognitive decline?

March 21, 2019

We know that genetics can play an important role in the risk of developing certain forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Well, we can’t do anything about our genes. […]

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adaptogen herbs help you manage stress

An intro on adaptogens for stress

February 25, 2019

Modern life is inherently stressful. The funny thing is that we don’t all respond to stress in the same way. Of course there are situations that we all might struggle […]

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Mediterranean diet photo

What to eat on the Mediterranean diet

February 9, 2019

As I have discussed before scientific studies suggest that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest way to eat. There are hundreds if not thousands of studies that support the use […]

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barely whole grains

Should you eat more whole grains?

January 21, 2019

In the news last week we saw many articles similar to this one from the BBC website. These articles relate to a World Health Organisation (WHO) funded review in the Lancet that […]

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smoke is an example of environmental toxin

What is a toxin?

January 14, 2019

If you look for a definition of a toxin in a dictionary you might see something similar to this: – a toxin is a poisonous organic compound, meaning a substance […]

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A detoxifying herb and fruit cocktail

Are detox plans worth doing?

January 8, 2019

Detox plans are all the rage at this time of year. A New Year – a new you! I get it. And especially after a period of overindulgence over the […]

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preserve your brain health with meditation

Meditation for brain preservation

December 24, 2018

We have an ageing population in the UK. This means the proportion of older people is increasing. While living longer might be desirable, it is true that many older people […]

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ginger an effective anti-nausea herbal remedy

Safe alternatives for morning sickness

December 18, 2018

In the UK news this week is a story about morning sickness costing the NHS £60 million per year. The article suggests that four out of five women in the […]

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diagram of a leaky gut

Can a leaky gut make you ill?

December 10, 2018

As a practitioner that uses functional medicine principles it is clear to me that to improve the health of someone with a complex, chronic condition, factors that contribute to the […]

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a food pyramid can help people balance their meals

Why a low fat diet is not the way to go

December 3, 2018

  It’s not surprising that sometimes people get confused about the healthiest way to eat, whether it’s a low fat diet or low carb or something else. There are far […]

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