The HerbMark is a quality assurance mark that shows the herbalist using it is fully trained and a member of a professional organisation belonging to the EHTPA. This allows members of the public to choose a herbalist that is fully qualified and fit to practice. As a member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy which is a professional organisation belonging to the EHTPA I am able to display this herbmark on my site.

The EHTPA is the European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association. Its aim is to improve the professional standards of training and education of herbalists, as well as strengthen the identity of the herbal profession. The EHTPA is working closely with the Department of Health to develop the path toward statutory regulation of herbalists. The EHTPA is also dedicated to promoting access to best herbal practices as well as ensuring the continuing availability of herbal medicines in the UK and Europe.

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In the UK, herbalists are largely unregulated. The herbmark shows that the herbalist using it is competent to prescribe herbal medicines, has the relevant education, professional membership, insurance and other strict standards of professional practice.

The herb mark can be used by herbal practitioners that are members of professional associations affiliated to the EHTPA whose members meet their strict standards of practice.

These professional associations are:

  • British Association of Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy
  • Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners

The herbmark signifies that the herbalist displaying it will do his or her utmost to answer your health needs.

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