Fast and effective herbal remedy for mouth ulcers

by | Nov 13, 2023 | herbal medicine

Mouth ulcers are a common condition that occurs as painful mouth sores on the lips, cheeks, tongue or gums. They usually go away without treatment within a couple of weeks. Yet, if you’re suffering from these painful mouth sores then that can seem an awfully long time. A 2014 study found that a simple herbal remedy rapidly increased the speed of healing of oral ulcers within a couple of days.

What are mouth ulcers?

The most common mouth ulcer is called recurrent aphthous stomatitis. These round or oval, shallow aphthous ulcers can be white, red, yellow or grey. They may occur as a single lesion, but can also spread or grow and form several ulcers.

Unlike cold soremouth ulcer is not contagious, though it is possible that some people are more susceptible to having them. Suggesting a genetic or family trait.

mouth ulcer is also sometimes called a canker sore depending on which part of the world you live in. A recurrent canker sore should be investigated. Certain factors like nutritional deficiencies of iron, folate (folic acid) or vitamin B12 deficiency can trigger flare-ups. As can stress or anxiety. Or use of certain medications such as NSAIDs or beta-blockers. Some people react to foods such as wheat, coffee or chocolate. Certain kinds of toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulphate are an issue for some people. And in some cases a recurrent canker sore may be linked to an autoimmune condition such as coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease or thyroid autoimmunity.

So, while there may be treatments that help to relieve the symptoms, I recommend finding the underlying causes to aid long term prevention.

Treatment of mouth ulcers

Having said that there are several conventional treatments that are available. These are mainly topical analgesics, steroids or antimicrobials. Plus, this study found that the natural remedy chamomile tincture was an effective herbal remedy for mouth ulcers.

Participants with aphthous stomatitis (mouth ulcer) took part in the study. Using either a chamomile mouth rinse or a placebo control mouth rinse, three times a day.

Chamomile is a traditional herbal remedy with a wide variety of uses. It has notable anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial and analgesic properties.

In the study, scientists measured the number and size of mouth ulcers. They also asked people in each group to rate their symptoms of pain and burning as the treatment went along.

The scientists said their results showed chamomile was an effective treatment for healing mouth ulcers. Reducing the signs and symptoms, even within the first two days of treatment. They said chamomile significantly increased the rate of healing of the ulcers. In fact, in the chamomile group when all the ulcers had healed, 68% of lesions in the control group were still present.

Herbal remedy for mouth ulcers

The procedure used in the study was as follows:

  • rinse the mouth with water
  • then swish with ten drops of chamomile tincture in water, for three minutes, three times a day
  • no eating for 30 minutes after using the mouth rinse

The scientists used chamomile tincture rather than chamomile tea. However, it is likely that a chamomile tea mouthwash will have a similar effect to the study results.

Mouth ulcers are usually safe to treat at home. However, if after three weeks you still have them you should seek medical advice to rule out other conditions.

Ask a herbalist

A herbalist can help you to identify what might be causing your mouth ulcers. For instance, you could have a nutritional deficiency or maybe your immune system needs a boost. So, if you have recurrent mouth ulcers you may find it helpful to have a herbal consultation. I offer face-to-face consultations at my herbal clinic or online. You can book a quick chat to see how herbal medicine might be able to help by clicking the button below.


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