Cancer prevention

dietary strategies for cancer prevention

When it comes to cancer, prevention is always going to be better. But the shocking statistics quoted in the news suggest that many of us will develop this disease.

Yet, the World Health Organisation has estimated that 30 to 50% of all cancers are preventable. And, importantly, modifying key risk factors can help to reduce your risk of developing cancer.

What a person eats can be one of these key risk factors. So, one recommended way to reduce cancer risk is by, as far as possible, meeting your nutritional needs through diet alone, rather than through supplementation. A nutrient-dense diet that contains plenty of phytonutrients is one way I might suggest to do this.

In most cases, cancer takes decades to develop. So any prevention strategy should be considered long term. What’s more, scientists believe that deaths due to cancer may be reduced by 75% over the next few decades. But, only if there is more effort towards early detection and prevention.

Furthermore, both nutritional therapy and herbal medicine can be safe, natural ways to support the current standard of cancer care. In fact, in many cases, targeted herbal therapy has the potential to enhance the effectiveness of current medical treatment, through protective mechanisms.

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