Are these the best healthy snacks ever?

by | Nov 10, 2023 | general health

I don’t normally do posts about recipes. There are plenty of other sites that provide healthy recipe ideas. But I just had to share my latest discovery in the quest for the best healthy snacks. Admittedly these are not my creations. I have taken the idea from Dr Terry Wahls recipe book – the Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life. A book I highly recommend.

We are constantly being told that eating more vegetables is good for us. What better snack then than one made of vegetables? Even better these snacks are quick and easy to make. Especially if you have a food processor that can slice vegetables thinly.

The snacks are called vegetable chips in her book. In the UK, we would call these vegetable crisps. Similar to potato crisps but made from a variety of other vegetables. After all, crisps don’t have to made from potato. Why stick with such a bland looking vegetable when there are so many others to choose from. So far I have tried carrots, beetroot, courgette, butternut squash and parsnip crisps.

What makes these better than the usual crisps is that they are not fried but dehydrated. Whats more, because you make them yourself you can add any flavouring you want.

The idea is to thinly slice vegetables. Then add a small amount of melted coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or ghee. Sprinkle with some flavourings such as sea salt, black pepper or spices. Then dehydrate at a low temperature. I used a dehydrator as I have one for drying herbs and for drying nuts that I have soaked. It is also possible to dehydrate your vegetable crisps in a cool oven. The crisps are done when they are – crisp!

The thicker the slices the longer it will take to dehydrate them. It is also better to ensure you have the vegetable slices in a thin layer rather than overlapping.

Store them in an airtight container at room temperature. I’m not sure how long they will stay crisp for as they disappear quite quickly in my house! Dr Terry suggests they keep for a week.

Why not share your vegetable crisps flavouring ideas here.


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